NetLine Portal FAQ

General FAQ

  • What is the NetLine Portal?  

  • How do I sign up for the NetLine Portal?  

  • How much does the NetLine Portal cost?  

  • How will my Content be Promoted?  

  • How does NetLine guarantee the quality of my leads?  

  • Will I have an account manager to help manage my campaigns?  

  • Can agencies use the NetLine Portal on behalf of their clients?  

  • Can I request a NetLine Portal Demo?  

  • Are video tutorials available?  

Campaign FAQ

  • What is the difference between a LeadFlow and ContentFlow campaign?  

  • Can I run more than one campaign at a time?  

  • What is the difference between lead scoring and lead filters?  

  • What type of content performs the best and what are best practices?  

  • How many pieces of content do I need to launch a campaign?  

  • Can I pick which of the 10 syndication channels I want to use for my campaign?  

  • How long does it take for campaigns to be approved and go live?  

  • Can the campaign lead goal or budget be increased after the campaign launches?  

  • How will I receive my lead data?  

  • What are the best practices for lead follow-up?  

  • How will I be billed for the leads generated by my campaign?  

  • Does the NetLine Portal provide reporting?  

  • How can I monitor my campaigns?  

  • How can I add more content?  

  • Do I need to add a cover graphic for my content?  

  • What should my title, tagline, and abstract be?