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Review the documentation below to learn how to use your Portal account, campaign tips & tricks, best practices, and more.

Video Tutorials

How the NetLine Portal Works
Find out how the NetLine Portal empowers you to run successful content syndication lead generation campaigns by connecting your content with the right professionals. (1:45 minutes)
How to Use Your Self-Service Account
See how easy it is to use the NetLine Portal and learn about the most important aspects that will help you run successful campaigns. (4:01 minutes)
How to Monitor Your Full Service Campaigns
Learn how to manage your leads and access reports for campaigns managed by your dedicated account manager. (3:11 minutes)
How to View and Download Leads
Learn how to monitor the leads generated by your campaigns in real time and how to download your lead files. (1:05 minutes)
New Account-Based Marketing and
Hyper-Targeting Capabilities
Added to the NetLine Portal
Discover how easy it is to run hyper-targeted account-based campaigns and reach intent-based audiences at the scale. (0:38 seconds)

Resource Guides

Connect your NetLine Content Syndication Leads to your CRM or MAP
Set up your connectors regardless of your Marketing Automation Platform or CRM.
Self Service | Quick Start Guide to NetLine Portal
Learn how easy it is to create, manage, and optimize your own content syndication campaigns to generate quality leads.
Full Service | Quick Start Guide to NetLine Portal
Learn how to monitor your leads and access campaign summary reports for campaigns managed by NetLine's lead generation experts.
Campaign Success Checklist
Optimize your content syndication lead generation campaign with best practices on content production and strategy from our experts.