A Plan for Your Needs


For the solo B2B Marketer looking to bolster their toolkit.

Forever free

What's Included:

5 Campaigns
100 Leads per Month Limit
'Powered by NetLine' branding


For B2B Marketers looking to get the most out of their gated content experiences.

Everything in Free, plus:

50 Campaigns
500 Leads per Month Limit
Custom Colors and Styles


For B2B Marketers looking to scale and control every nuance of their gated content experiences.

Everything in Standard, plus:

Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Leads Processed
Fully Customizable Branding
1 Custom Domain Included
Unlimited Custom Sub-Domains
Get the power and control your team is looking for to increase efficiencies and maximize conversions. There's a plan for any B2B Marketer at any company looking to enhance their gated content experiences.
Free Standard PRO
Smart Forms: Predictive, Responsive, Secure, & Compliant
Pre-Fill: Tap into the only first-party registration database consisting of 52M+ profiles to optimize your conversions. Recognized users benefit from a frictionless reg experience for near instant content accessibility. Zero typing!
Real-Time Lead Enrichment: Short Forms for your audience, rich data for you.
Unified Registration Experience: One common form across every type of gated content format—including webinars.
Dynamic Filtering: Control what data delivered downstream to your other connected systems.
Auto Generated Confirmation Emails
No-Code and Dynamically Built Gated Content Experiences
Real-Time and Interactive Campaign Reports
Real-time Integrations to 3rd Party Systems
Volume Thresholds
Lead capture campaigns, with thank you web and email 5 50 Unlimited
Number of lead records captured and processed 100 Leads per Month 500 Leads per Month Unlimited
On-Demand Scale
Amplify content beyond your own website with Performance-Based (CPL) content syndication campaigns and acquired first-party provided leads directly from your target ICPs based on your unique needs and budget.
Customize Themes for Forms and Landing Pages Limited
Full White-label Branding UX for Forms and Landing Pages
*Annual Plans Only
Remove "Powered by NetLine" Logo
Custom Sub-Domains 5 Unlimited
Custom Domain Redirect Add for $300/year Incl. 1 Free* Custom Domain
* Annual Plans Only. Additional available for $300/year
Real-Time CRM/SFA/MAS Connectors for Seamless Data Transfer
Webhooks / HTTP POST API (Covers most other platforms)
Custom API Development Yes*
*Cost Depends on Platform
Security and Compliance
256 Bit SSL Encryption on Forms
Secure Lead Delivery via HTTPS
Sensitive Data Encrypted at Rest
Privacy Shield Certified
CCPA Compliant
GDPR Compliant
CASL Compliant
DRM on Hosted Content
PCI DSS Compliant
Admin and Permissions
Business Account Hierarchy with Unlimited Sub-Accounts
Account Privileges Controls (Full or Limited)
Shareable and Branded Custom Web Reports
Realtime Incident Transparency via Status Dashboard
Phone Support
Priority Support Response Time (Same Day PST)
On-Demand Onboarding and Training
Available Content Strategy Session and Promotion Audit
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